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1.  What are significant county issues?

Three issues important to me are (1) management of the county budget to include aggressive deficit reduction, (2) public safety and security, and (3) economic development in the county.  Budgetary concerns affect the funding of programs pertinent to citizens’ well-being, and  elimination of deficit  frees up money that can be directed to constituent services.

2.  How should the budget deficit be eliminated?

Business practices and programs should be examined by the County Board to determine what activities currently funded by the County could be done more economically if privatized.  Although an initial expense, hiring a business consultant to examine business practices across the departments may identify new ways to conduct business with the result of saving money.  Because a 3% budget cut across departments has occurred in the last few years, programs may now need to be prioritized according to constituents’ needs and statutory requirements with targeted cuts directed to those departments with less immediate impact upon public safety and security, public health and wellness.

3. What does the county board need to do to ensure a successful transfer of mental Health services from the county to another provider?

Three things must be done  -– 1) adequate funding for the CMHC must continue through the transition period,  and 2)  sufficient time is given for all partnering providers to make sure that all processes and information systems are seamless, and (3) sufficient information about the care facilities and providers is disseminated to any and all people associated with CMHC as patients,  family members, and caregivers.

4. How important is tourism in Lancaster County?

Lincoln and Lancaster County are destination locations in Nebraska for activities surrounding business and manufacturing, agriculture, arts and music, government, education, and sports.  The combination of the new Arena, the Lancaster Event Center, and other attractions within Lincoln and Lancaster County will most certainly spur interest for groups and organizations to come to the Lincoln area.  With tourism being the 3rd largest source of revenue in Nebraska, my vision is that it will become an increasingly significant part of Lincoln’s and by extension, Lancaster County’s economic growth and vitality.

5. What is your philosophy on the maintenance and development of roads and infrastructure both inside and outside the City’s limits?

I am committed to ensuring the safety of travelers on our roads, bridges, and streets. Expansion of the roads and infrastructure is related to the rapidity of the City’s growth into the county.  As the City grows outward, more money will be necessary to expand roads and infrastructure into the County.  As a county resident, well-maintained roads outside the City’s limits are absolutely crucial when one considers the young people who drive to school on school permits, school bus travel, emergency vehicle access to rural residents, and day-to-day travel of county residents into the City. I am especially committed to the development of the South Beltway.  As one who has travelled Highway 2 into Lincoln almost every day for the past 28 years, I have witnessed countless accidents involving personal injury and property damage, not to mention the 17 fatalities in the last 11 years.   As elected officials, the County Board members will be required to devote more money to road and infrastructure expansion both inside and outside the City’s limits; it’s a safety issue for citizens and an important aspect of economic development for both the urban and rural components of our county.

6. What will be the biggest challenge facing the Lancaster County over the next 5 years?

The number one priority of Lancaster County is to ensure that the public safety and security needs of the county residents are met.  Keeping this in mind, the biggest challenge facing Lancaster County over the next 5 years is the management of the budget in meeting these public safety and security needs of a growing community while at the same time reducing the deficit.

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